Graeme Nicholls Architects is a Glasgow-based architectural studio formed by the award-winning architect and educator Graeme Nicholls in 2016.

We love architecture and are proud to create buildings and spaces that are relevant and valuable to the people who use them.

Our projects are arts-led and are characterised by our interest in proportion, innovative use of materials, and a rich layering of cultural references to create a unique 'narrative' for each design. We apply these interests to our design process that challenges the client's brief, the site, and the scope of the project to ensure that the best possible architectural solution is achieved.


We love to hear about the aspiration our clients have for their project and work through a collaborative process to help them exceed their expectations. Building users and the community in which they are based are placed at the heart of our design process. We have a particular expertise in engaging with key stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to deliver a project which is well-loved and gives a shared sense of authorship. 

We enjoy working with other consultants, and design team members to develop solutions that allow us to take care in keeping costs and timescales under control.


Graeme Nicholls Architects have over a decade of experience in a variety of sectors.  We utilise this to give clients a clear vision for their projects that will meet their costs and timescales.  We excel at delivering high-quality designs.