“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” - Chinese proverb

Renowned developer Urban Splash teamed up with the Architects Journal in 2008 to organise a competition giving young architects the chance to design a £500,000 building in their Tribeca (Triangle Below Cathedral) development in Liverpool. The brief was to produce concept designs for a 200-300m2 building that would be used as an on-site sales office. 

The proposal creates an easily recognizable marker for visitors, while allowing people to watch their homes being built, and better understand the processed involved. The form is a literal play on the name 'Triangle Below Cathedral', using a triangular cross section to convey an identity that is immediate and easily understood. A series of optical devices within the building; digital periscope, camera obscura, and observation chamber, are used as interactive instruments to allow future residents to engage with the development both within the building and remotely via the internet.

This scheme was shortlisted along with five other proposals, and was named runner-up. This project was produced in collaboration with Mark Hamilton.

Location: Liverpool, UK
Client: Urban Splash/ Architects Journal
Value: £500,000
Status: Runner-up