In May 2008 the Scottish Government and the Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture, Design and the City launched a competition to find the design for ‘A Gathering Space’ which would be Scotland’s first ever stand-alone pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

The proposal idea is to create a new flexible surface within an existing piazza. The top surface of the ‘Cnoc’ is a stepped landscaped terrace, planted with heathers and grasses from Scotland. This surface will provide a space to gather with friends, to view the piazza, eat lunch, or take part in some of the proposed activities. Underneath the stepped terrace is a whiskey bar and DJ booth which will provide shelter,socialising space and late night entertainment during the Biennale. Site- As the site is currently unknown, we have chosen a 60m x 60m notional piazza as the site for Cnoc- although it is flexible enough to go almost anywhere. Materials- scaffold components sourced locally. Construction- Scaffolding materials employed in a sculputral manner to create stepped terrace spaces. The bar, dj booth and beer hall style seating also to be formed from scaffold components. Erected on site based on ‘kit-of-part’ drawings. Scaffolding onto bearing pads to ensure site remains intact. Staging- a temporary projection screen/stage will be inserted into the square when required, a dj booth will be provided in the bar. Lighting- temporary ‘site’ lighting will be hung from the underside of the slope. Security- the structure will remain open other than the bar which will be secured when not in use. Weather- Shelter to be provided on the underside of the slope. 

Location: Venice, Italy
Client: The Lighthouse/ Scottish Government
Value: £65,000
Status: Competition